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A Little About Me

Looking back almost 13 years ago when I started photography, it seems like such a blur. I had the most basic camera you could buy and was just finding my way, testing the waters and all I knew back then was that I LOVED taking pictures. I enjoyed capturing how families interacted with each other and the natural smiles they would give when they were having fun. Skip ahead 11 years and I can't believe how far things have come. I'm so grateful. I'm grateful for you. You are the reason I'm here. Thank you for being here. Thank you for loving my photography and appreciating the art, creativity and long hours it takes to make your images perfect! I could have never done it without you. My family is my backbone and the support behind the screen. Becoming a mom has truly opened my eyes to an even bigger love for what I do. I have a better understanding of that deep love that parents have for their babies and vice versa. So I'm here to capture the moments that you don't see. Sure, having a photo of everyone looking at the camera is important but I'm here to show you that having the moments captured where no one is looking and everyone is still smiling but so wrapped up in the moment of fun is also just as important!

Thank you for letting me do what I do and be who I want to be. As a mom, wife, business owner, photographer and dream seeker!